Friday, July 9, 2010

SmartTools for SharePoint !

Project Description

The SmartTools for SharePoint project is a collection of SharePoint extensions to make your life as a SharePoint user, developer or administrator a little bit easier!

Available extensions:
  • What's New: a customizable web part that can display a list of recently added or changed items of a SharePoint site or site collection
  • Autocomplete Text Field: a field that allows users to pick items from a list by making use of an AJAX autocomplete text box. See the Autocomplete Text Field in action: screencast
  • Enhanced Site Actions: adds extra menu items the the default Site Actions menu, for easy access to commonly used functions
  • Copy Paste: adds copy and paste functionality to Document Libraries
  • jQuery: integrates the jQuery JavaScript library with SharePoint 2007
  • TableRow Highlight: uses jQuery to highlight table rows when the mouse pointer is hovering above them
  • Dock Navigation: adds an overlay to every page of a site to allow users to navigate to the Lists and Document Libraries of that site
  • Charts: show animated Silverlight charts, based on data stored in SharePoint lists and document libraries


The SmartTools project is developed in the developer's personal, free time. If you like the SmartTools project you may express your appreciation by making a donation to the developer. Thanks!

What's New Web Part screenshot:


Autocomplete Text Field screenshot:


Enhanced Site Actions screenshot:


Copy Paste screenshot:


Charts screenshot:


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