Monday, July 19, 2010

Top 25 Downloads For SharePoint On Codeplex !

A little earlier I saw a fellow SharePoint Twitter user lamenting about a lack of built in SharePoint tools for pulling reports around permissions. I posted a note that there was a utility up on Codeplex for pulling those type of reports when I realized that there were many Codeplex projects for SharePoint than many are probably unaware of. Below you will find listed the top 25 most downloaded SharePoint projects on Codeplex. If you want a greater listing just head on over to and select the SharePoint tag cloud on the right hand side of the page.

SmartTools for SharePoint
MOSS Faceted Search
SharePoint Learning Kit
SmartPart for SharePoint
STSDEV: Simple Tools for SharePoint 2007 Development
Microsoft SQL Server Community Samples: Integration Services
SharePoint SmartTemplates for Visual Studio
Podcasting Kit for Sharepoint
SharePoint Manager 2007
Useful Sharepoint Designer Custom Workflow Activities
iLove SharePoint
ChartPart for SharePoint
SharePoint Forums
SharePoint SUSHI
SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard
RSS FeedReader
FAST ESP Web Parts for SharePoint Server 2007
SharePoint 2007 Test Data Population Tool

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