Sunday, April 10, 2011

Move sharepoint site from one domain to another domain !

This blog explains that how to move sharepoint site from one domain to another domain.


I am having two separate domains in Mumbai and Hyderabad called Mumbai as and Hyderabad as Both domains are running SharePoint server 2007 with different domain.
I am planning to move Mumbai SharePoint server 2007 site to Hyderabad SharePoint server 2007.
For this scenario, you can do the following steps to move SharePoint site from domain to another.

NOTE: SharePoint version should be same, mean if you installed service pack on source machine (Mumbai SharePoint server) at the same, you should install service pack on destination server (Hyderabad SharePoint server)
You can check the version of SharePoint, open SharePoint central administration->site setting, you can view the version.

Steps to be following:

Source SharePoint server (Mumbai SharePoint server):

1. Take back of the SharePoint site which you required to move using stsadm.exe command utility.

Stsadm.exe –o backup –url http://mumbai/ -filename c:\mumbai.bak

2. Move the backed up file to destination SharePoint server.

Destination SharePoint server Hyderabad SharePoint server):

1. Create new SharePoint web application on SharePoint server
2. Create SharePoint site collection for the new web application.
Note: site collection template should be same as source SharePoint server. For example if you created team template on source SharePoint server, then you should create same team template in destination SharePoint server.
3. Then you need to overwrite the database using stsadm command utility

Stsadm.exe –o restore –url http://hyderabad/ -filename c:\mumbai.bak –overwrite

4. If you access the site immediately after restore, you will get the access denied error.

5. Add a user via command line because the restored site will deny all of your login attempts (unless your server is on the same domain as the original source server – *** this post describes the steps for restoring to a different domain***)

Using the central administration console, you will note that the site collection still references the original administrators which are now invalid on this new domain (Hyderabad domain SharePoint).
NOTE: you can view using following steps >> Central Administration >> Application Management >> Site Collection Administrators (on Hyderabad SharePoint central administration domain).
6. Now you need to change ownership of the site collection using following command.
stsadm -o siteowner -url http://hyderabad/ -ownerlogin Hyderabad\administrator
7. Now if you refresh central admin console you will see the new administrator as an owner, you can change the secondary administrator at this point as well using same utility.
stsadm -o adduser -url http://localhost -userlogin administrator -useremail -role administrator -username administrator
8. Now reset the IIS and you can login the main site collection as a administrator.
9. Then you can optionally run this to clean up the old lingering logins explicitly

stsadm -o migrateuser -oldlogin olddomain\MossAdmin -newlogin newdomain\MossAdmin

Article written by

Srikanth Reddy

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