Monday, June 14, 2010

Google Search Appliance in Sharepoint 2007.

Google Search Appliance Overview

The Google Search Appliance and Google Mini make searching for business information as easy as searching on These appliances expose a variey of APIs allowing independent software vendors, systems integrators and IT adminstrators the ability to securely extend the reach of enterprise search into any document or content management systems, custom applications, or legacy systems. Application vendors can leverage the APIs to seemlessly embed Google-powered search into their business applications.

Use the search appliance APIs to:

  • Add a Google Search Appliance or Google Mini search box to your own applications or websites and leverage Google's search across your application data.

  • Create a custom connector to feed arbitrary content into the Google Search Appliance for processing, indexing, and serving.

  • Write a Google OneBox for Enterprise module to provide real-time application data to users through the Google Search Appliance or Google Mini search interface.

  • Integrate the Google Search Appliance with any access control system to provide appropriately filtered search across secure data.

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