Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Google Search Appliance in Sharepoint !

Built-In Search Experience Features

Without any administrator intervention, the Google Search Appliance provides a rich search experience by using its built-in search features. The following table lists these built-in search features.

Feature Description
Automatic spell check The search appliance automatically suggests spelling corrections accurately, even on company-specific words and phrases. The spell checker can suggest corrections in multiple languages, including U.S. English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch.
Sorting search results based on relevance The search appliance finds the highest quality and most relevant documents for a search query; Google factors in more than 100 variables for each query.
Automatic filtering of duplicate snippets If multiple documents contain identical titles, as well as the same information in their snippets, only the most relevant document of that set is displayed in the results.
Automatic filtering of duplicate directories If there are many results in a single web directory, then only the two most relevant results for the directory are displayed. An output flag indicates that more results are available from that directory.
Automatic filtering of languages Limits search to a specified language, as determined by the majority language used in the web document body.
Dynamic page summaries Users can judge relevance of results more easily with dynamically generated snippets showing a query in the context of the page.
Results grouping- Users can navigate search results easily and clearly using intelligent grouping of documents residing in the same narrow subdirectories.
Cached pages Users can view search results even when the sites are down by using cached copies of pages included in the search results.
Highlighted query terms User can quickly find the most relevant section of a document by using the highlighted query terms displayed on cached documents.
View as HTML Users can display documents without needing the original client application of the file format because the search appliance automatically converts over 220 file formats into HTML.
Sort by date User can access time-sensitive information first by using date sorting.
Advanced Search page Users can perform complex and sophisticated queries with over 10 special query terms, including Boolean AND, OR, and NOT searches.

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