Monday, June 28, 2010

OnePlaceMail: Outlook to SharePoint Integration !

Scinaptic OnePlaceMail provides integration between Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint to facilitate the transfer of business knowledge from personal mail boxes to a shared centrally managed, secure repository.

Drag & Drop Emails

  • Easily drag & drop emails or attachments from Outlook to SharePoint Libraries and Lists
  • Automatic capture of email attributes/metadata
  • Option to drag & drop one or more specific attachments from an email
  • Highly streamlined File Upload Window for capturing additional destination library/list column metadata
  • Option for a one step (auto upload) process (with support for Outlook rules)
  • Ability to rename files at the point of upload
  • Support for multiple Content Types
  • Support for deep level Folder Structures
  • Storage of emails in .msg format
  • Support for Document Libraries, Picture Libraries and Lists (e.g. Announcements, Tasks, Issues, Custom Lists)
  • Supports SharePoint configurations and security permissions
  • One step 'Email as Attachment' feature for external email capabilities

Access to SharePoint directly from Outlook

  • Access SharePoint content directly from Outlook
  • Option to provide a 'minimised view' of Library/List content
  • Full access to SharePoint views and search capabilities

Desktop Integration: Windows Explorer (Right Click Send To)

  • Send files from the Windows desktop / Network drive directly to SharePoint
  • Apply destination library/list metadata at the point of upload

Deployment / Performance

  • Simple to deployment via MSI file (Outlook Add-in)
  • Support for WSS v3, MOSS 2007, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007
  • Roaming User/Terminal Server support
  • Powerful pre and post central deployment and configuration
  • High performance navigation of large SharePoint environment
  • High performance navigation of large library/list folder structures
  • No impact on Microsoft Outlook start-up or general use performance
  • Plug-in architecture to integrate with other 3rd party solutions
  • Demonstration Site and Email Library Template with email Columns/Views provided

OnePlaceMail screencasts and much more information is available at the company site.

OnePlaceMail: Outlook to SharePoint 2010 Integration !

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