Monday, June 14, 2010

Integrating Community Server with SharePoint !

Integrating Community Server with SharePoint

Since Community Server™ was first released, SharePoint™ administrators and users have looked towards its rich forums and blogging functionality with envy. Even with the latest release of SharePoint, its built-in discussion and blog capabilities have been a disappointment to all but the least demanding users. The scalable, feature-rich forums and flexible blogging functionality of Community Server are what users really want.

Our engineers here at SharePoint Solutions have spent some time and effort coming up with the standard work and best practices to make these two excellent products integrate well together. The end result for our customers is a best-of-both-worlds scenario with a seamless user experience. Both applications recognize the same user account, without any additional login required.

As an example, our SharePoint-based commerical software site uses the out-of-the-box Blue Band master page. By creating a custom master page for Community Server, we've skinned the forums to match the software site's look-and-feel. As you can see, the result is visually consistent and convenient with only a single user login required.

SharePoint Solutions now offers a professional service to integrate Community Server with your SharePoint implementation. If you would like Community Server's excellent forums and blog capabilities integrated with SharePoint, please contact us to have our expert team asssist you.

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