Monday, June 14, 2010

SharePoint 2010 Designer and WorkFlows New Features !

SharePoint 2010 Designer and WorkFlows New Features

SharePoint Designer and WorkFlows:

2 flavors
- System workflow
- human workflow

System workflow - moving data in and out
Human - long running processes of business.

- We can now modify built-in workflows within SPD 2010
- We can modify workflows forms in InfoPath invoked directly from SPD
- We can modify list forms with InfoPath
- We can visualize workflows with Visio Services right inside the browser
- We can let business folks build conceptual workflows in Visio that we export and import to SPD for publishing to SP
- We can take workflows built in SPD and export them to Visio for modification or visualization
- We can create re-usable workflows
- We can save workflows as templates to be used on other sites or to even be modified in Visual Studio
- We can do conditional formatting on views straight from SPD without using JScript, JQuery, or data view web parts
- In SPD workflows, we have built-in string builders for the subject line
- In SPD workflow emails, we have built-in rich text so that we don't have to write html by hand

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